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Any natural or legal person, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, political or religious beliefs, etc., may obtain and held without interruption the membership, who cumulatively: 

- wants to serve the purpose and goals for which the GRIC was founded; 

- recognizes and complies with the Bylaws of the GRIC and the decisions emanating from its governing bodies;

- pays, upon admission to the GRIC: i) a joining / registration fee, the amount of which will be established and updated annually by the General Meeting; ii) pays the percentage of the contribution for the remaining period until the end of the year;

- pays the annual or half-yearly membership fee, as the case may be; 

- certifies these things by signing an Application for membership or a Membership Agreement to the articles of association of the GRIC.

Founding members - the natural persons and the legal persons who established the Association and contributed morally and materially to its foundation, by establishing the initial heritage and initiating the purpose / goals of the Association;

Associate members - natural persons and legal persons who join the GRIC after its foundation, who contribute morally and materially to the completion of the heritage of the GRIC and who constantly participate in fulfilling the goals of the GRIC as registered members of the GRIC. These are full rights members alongside the founding members.

Honorary members - natural and legal persons who have provided and continue to provide special services to the GRIC or who substantially support it financially or morally. These honorary members do not have the right to vote and do not pay the joining fee and the membership fee.

Members - natural persons and legal persons who join the GRIC after its foundation, who participate variably in fulfilling the goals of the GRIC and who benefit from the activity of the GRIC; They do not have the right to vote and participate to the General Assembly meeting only for consultancy reasons;  


The headquarters of the GRIC is located in Romania, at the following address: Bucharest, 2nd district, 184-186 Traian street, Niro Office Building, 1st floor, Wing A.

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