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UAE’s Al Dahra to invest EUR 500 mln in Romania over 5 years following Agricost acquisition

UAE’s Al Dahra, the owner of Agricost and its concession of the Big Island of Braila – Europe’s largest consolidated farm -, plans to invest another USD 500 million in Romania in the next five years, in various sectors.

The announcement coincides with the visit to Romania of the delegation made up of Al Dahra’s leadership team.

Al Dahra acquired at the begining of August 57,ooo hectares farm Agricost controlled by entrepreneur Augustin Dulute, for around EUR 230 million.

As far as agricultural investments are concerned, Al Dahra intends to purchase additional agricultural land in Romania and will invest in modernizing the existing portfolio of agricultural machinery and technologies.

The goal is to achieve an annual production of one million metric tons of grain and compound feed by 2022. In parallel, a grain collection point will be developed with the capacity to manage two million metric tonnes cereals of different types, coming from both the Romanian farms operated by Al Dahra and those outside the company.

The cereal center will facilitate the creation of strategic inventory, stock rotation and international market trading. In addition, in order to streamline the processing and distribution of the forage stock, five dehydration and granulation facilities will be implemented.

In terms of investment in logistics and the supply chain, Al Dahra intends to acquire an operating point at Constanta port to facilitate grain exports and fertilizer imports. Moreover, it will be a specialized fertilizer company, responsible for the import of fertilizers in Romania and marketing on neighboring markets, with an estimated volume of 350,000 tons annually.

In addition, Al Dahra will invest in the modernization of charging facilities in the port of Braila for increased cargo and vessel traffic. The company also plans to invest in the livestock sector by setting up farm farms with the capacity to house 150,000 heads of different species of animals. In addition, Al Dahra will make other investments aimed at creating an efficient network in the agricultural chain on the Romanian market, including factories and packing points as well as other value-added services, depending on the requirements of the business.

”As a result of adding the Insula Mare a Brailei to our global agricultural portfolio, we want to expand Al Dahra investment plans beyond agriculture, quality services with added value. Such investments will bring benefits to Romanian farmers, create new jobs for Romanian citizens, and improve the access of Romanian products to international markets through our global connections, thus stimulating the domestic agricultural and logistics sectors. Most importantly, investments will also contribute to the long-term creation of stability in the area of ​​agricultural production for Romania, in a beneficial environment for both sides, ” Khedaim Al Derei, Al Dahra’s Vice President and Co-founder stated.

The Al Dahra investment plan will be implemented in several phases in the coming years and will support the Abu Dhabi Government’s strategy of securing long-term food needs.

Al Dahra is specialised in the cultivation, production and marketing of essential feed and food, as well as in supply chain management. With an extensive customer base in the government and commercial sectors, Al Dahra has extensive geographic coverage with 5,000 employees, operating in over 20 countries, serving over 45 markets and taking a leading position in Asia and the Middle East.

The Group owns or operates land of over 161,874 hectares worldwide, with 1,200 irrigation points and over 2,000 agricultural assets. At the same time, the company owns and operates 15 new-generation fodder processing and packaging units and has the capacity to produce and deliver 3 million metric tons of lucerne and herbs annually to meet the needs of the dairy industry and the cattle breeding industry.

Al Dahra is also an important player in the production, packaging, marketing and distribution of cereals, operating three rice mills and two flour mills with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tonnes of flour and 500,000 tons of flour rice. In addition, the company owns and operates a strategic cereal center located in Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, with 20 silos and with a storage capacity of over 300,000 metric tons.

Annually, the company manages approximately 2 million metric tons of products and transports 175 thousand TEUs.


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