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Romania will be present at Expo Dubai 2020 with the “New Nature” pavilion

Romania will be present between October 20, 2020 and April 10, 2021 at Expo Dubai 2020 with the pavilion "New Nature,” a concept based on the human-nature balance, reported. Romania’s water will be the main element, an experience offered by the H2Ro brand and a water bar.

The “New Nature” concept brings alternative solutions for the efficient modeling of the future, by exploiting the local potential and connecting it to the universal conditions, calling for the transfer of the knowledge, ideas and resources that Romania has, Eliza Yokina, Senior Partner Cumulus, the architecture office that won the solutions contest for the Romanian pavilion in Dubai, told

The pavilion, whose architecture reflects symbols of famous sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi, will be composed of four sections - semicircles – symbolizing "a micro-universe in which four pillars of Romania levitate: nature, tradition, education and technology.” It will be located in the area of individual pavilions that address the theme of sustainability.

The pavilion’s project will be developed in partnership with certified designers in Dubai. The pavilion will have two floors and the “New Nature” exhibition will consist of several permanent and temporary exhibitions, video and interactive. A permanent exhibition will be dedicated to the springs in Romania, with an emphasis on the mineral waters found in the country.


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